I met public servants to consult about my negative legacy in the morning.

After that, I went to Tabuse Station and got on a train to come home.
On the way I bought books at Tokuyama Station, and I enjoyed reading them in the train.

I read the book written by Ogiwara Hiroshi.
It was interesting.

1月2日 [月] 22:36
I returned to my hometown by the Shinkansen today.
My mother and my sisters were waiting for me.
I hadn't seen them for a year.

We enjoyed rich dinner.
Especially sashimi, slices of raw fish, was very tasty.

To my regret I have little aspiration of a new year.

At most I only have a wish that I would like to live peacefully and be useful to someone else,

I myself have been able to end this year quietly.
But when I consider the people of Tohoku region I can't welcome the arrival of the new year.

I hope a new year will be a really happy year for all people.

The work to do in this year finished today.
I came home early and spent a restful night at home.

I began to read a novel after a long time.
It was mistake.
I couldn't sleep till morning.

After the class, I began to write a new year's cards for the students.
At 10:30 p.m. I finished writing all the cards.

I couldn't have written the cards by the end of the year for a few years.
I could discharge my duty after a long time.

I have worked for twelve hours today.
I don't remember what I did.

Now I recalled sweeping dog's crap dropped in front of our school.
I pity me.