I was surprised to look at the news that Mr. M, my acquaintance, a Diet member, had paid for a gay bar with political funds.

I was so busy that I couldn't know the news in detail.

When I went to our schoolhouse, Mr. S was cleaning in a front garden.
I asked why, Mr. S replied that an egg had been thrown by someone.
We doubted malicious mischief.

After school I watched a surveillance camera many times to find an offender.
At last I caught a moment when an egg was falling on the ground.
The egg came from the heaven.

From the heaven!
I understood that a crow holding an egg in its mouth had dropped an egg.

TV drama series "Saka no ue no kumo" (Clouds above the hill) ended today.
On hearing the theme song "Stand Alone", I was moved to tears naturally.

Thanks to our predecessors we can live our comfortable lives.

I normally go to bed late at night.
During the winter class, I must get up early.

So I went to bed earlier than usual today.
It was very cold and I could hardly fall asleep.

12月23日 [金] 10:01
休養日(The rest day)
Today is the Emperor's Birthday.
We had no lessons and I stayed at home all day.

I'm really lazy, so I want to do nothing on a holiday.

I hear an epidemic of influenza is occurring in a primary school in our city.
I haven't been inoculated yet.

I fear the students will suffer influenza during the winter class.

I didn't want to watch TV after the earthquake happened on March 11.
Because watching TV was too painful for me.

I used to listen to the radio instead of watching TV for a while.

In those days to read a newspaper or a weekly magazine was also very heart-breaking.
I was saved by novels.