I haven't written my diary since last Friday.
So I wrote it in the intervals of my office work.

To my annoyance I didn't remember the weather of the days.

I asked a certain high school to give us the past problems.
I had been going to go to the school to gain them, but the person in charge kindly said that he would deliver them.

So I received them in the morning and distributed them to the students in the evening.

During the study meeting on Sunday, I was asked some questions by the students.
The questions were the problems which had been given in the past entrance exams.

Though I had not solved them easily in the past, I could solve them all and I made no mistakes today.
It is strange.

12月17日 [土] 16:00
人生論(View of life)
I'm weak in speaking my view of life.
I think that the education should be achieved by attitudes not by words.

But I haven't succeeded in education of my children and my students.

It is the most difficult for us to abandon our selfishness.
I always fail because of my selfishness.

The difficulty exists in that I can't distinguish what the selfish is.

I have a touch of diarrhea especially at night in winter.
Perhaps it is because of the cold.

I had a touch of diarrhea at midnight.
So I couldn't sleep well.

When I haven't slept well, I tend to speak too much without consideration.
It is my fault.

12月14日 [水] 00:36
東大阪へ(To Higashiosaka)
I went to the bank in Higashiosaka in the morning.

I met many students of high schools on the way.
I also passed by some high schools which graduates of our school attend.

It took about an hour for me to reach the bank.
It means that some graduates are attending distant schools.